Welcome to our Blog!

Welcome to the Baker Code House blog! This is where we will post tidbits on our projects, announce company news, and give you all some behind-the-scenes access to what all is involved in generating innovative software solutions.

Baker Code House is currently getting several projects up and running. We are currently waiting on our application to be processed for a special program that will greatly aid in the development of new projects. This is an exciting but tense time, as the impact to our ability to develop advanced solutions hangs in the balance.

In other news, our website is getting its corners rounded off a bit, as information is steadily making its way to the web. For those who are interested, this web site is being entirely driven by WordPress (a free content management system) on a dedicated virtual server from Digital Ocean (slightly less than free, but a great bargain nonetheless). We are not at all affiliated with either of these companies, but believe they both provide a quality product at a more than reasonable price. Check them out below!


Digital Ocean

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